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Protecting your business in the Cloud
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Cloud-Based Business Continuity

Scholar Cloud Business Continuity Services

A well designed Business Continuity Plan will ensure that your business processes can be restored, when an incident occurs. What mechanisms you choose to put in places can depend on budgets and requirements. At Scholar we have a tool box of Business Continuity Solutions; from Cloud Backup, through to our industry leading Scholar Veeam Cloud Connect service. Our technical and client services team will work with you to understand your critical business processes and offer expert advice and guidance on the most resilient set-up, specific to your business.

Insuring your business against unforeseen circumstances or incidents, such as hardware failure, fire, theft, third party fibre breaks and most commonly human error, will mean your business operations aren’t negatively impacted should an incident occur. Speak with a member of our team today if you would like some guidance on the best options for your business.

Fast & Secure Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Veeam Cloud Connect VM Replication

Secure Offsite Backup

Ensure your data is securely backed up offsite and easy to retrieve

Remote Working Solutions

Remote Working Solutions for staff to work from any location

Multi-Site Solutions

Geographically separate your cloud environments and workloads

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Key Features…

Replication and failover of VMware or Hyper-V environment
Affordable & efficient image based VM replication
DR Recovery Time (RTPOs) Full + partial failback to restore business operations
DR failover testing without affecting live workloads
WAN Acceleration to utilise low bandwidth + fast RTO
End-to-end encryption of all data at source
Fully managed options available

Veeam Cloud Connect

Full & Partial Failback

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

1-click Failover Orchestration

Efficient Failover + Testing & Real World Simulation

WAN Acceleration

Backup Data Offsite 50x Faster

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption of all data at source.

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