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Cloud-Based Business Continuity

Secure Cloud-Based Business Continuity Services

Our Cloud based Business Continuity products and services have been designed to allow for fast and secure failover, with end-to-end encryption and built in WAN acceleration for faster backups and recovery. Having cloud-based failover delivers the peace of mind that when an incident occurs, your key business operations can keep working. Common incidences which affect businesses every day include; hardware failure, connectivity issues, fibre breaks, human error or natural disaster, which can lead to extensive downtime for your business, lost productivity and data loss.

We have a broad mix of clients who use our Business Continuity services, who backup and replicate their business critical environments between datacentres and/or their offices. Our key clients include telecoms providers, large ecommerce companies and software development businesses – all of whom cannot afford for their services, applications and businesses to be offline or suffer downtime.

Veeam Backup & Replication

Fast & Secure Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Affordable and efficient image-based VM replication delivers true cloud-based disaster recovery for your applications (RTPOs 

Secure Offsite Backup

A modern backup architecture which leverages Veeam’s industry leading backup technology, with built-in WAN Acceleration, incremental backups and parallel processing for VM’s.

Keep your staff working

In the event that your on premise or datacentre infrastructure is offline, your staff can continue working with access to the cloud failover environment. No loss of productivity, fear of loss of data or frustration.

Multi-Site Solutions

Our cloud-based Business Continuity (DRaaS) is designed to backup and replicate your critical workloads from on-premise infrastructure, as well as other datacentre and cloud locations.

Fast and secure backup and replication to our Scholar VMware Cloud…

Using Veeam’s industry leading backup and replication you can backup and replicate your workloads, offsite from your company’s premises. No need to maintain expensive offsite infrastructure. We offer a fully managed Business Continuity service, which allows for you to work with our team to set your requirements and have our team manage the ongoing maintenance and failover.

Key Features…

Replication and failover of VMware or Hyper-V environment
Affordable & efficient image based VM replication
DR Recovery Time (RTPOs) Full + partial failback to restore business operations
DR failover testing without affecting live workloads
WAN Acceleration to utilise low bandwidth + fast RTO
End-to-end encryption of all data at source
Fully managed options available

Veeam Cloud Connect

Full & Partial Failback

You can choose to failover all your workloads or just part of them, dependent on your requirements. With Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of under  15 minutes your business can be back online quickly after an incidents occurs.

1-click Failover Orchestration

Our team will work with you to design and configure an efficient failover strategy and undergo rigorous testing & real world simulation to ensure your DRaaS feeds into your overall Availability Strategy.

WAN Acceleration

With built-in WAN Acceleration you can quickly and efficiently backup and replicate your critical workloads and data offsite, up to 50x’s faster, using our Veeam Backup & Replication service.

End-to-End Encryption

Securely failover your workloads and data with end-to-end encryption of all data at source. This allows for complete protection of your data during backups and when initiating failover.

Speak to a member of our team today about your business continuity needs…

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