Case Study – Cab Comparison Platform

The Brief

Scholar was approached to take over the Cloud Infrastructure management for one of the UK’s largest cab comparisons platforms. The company was growing year-on-year and introducing new partners to offer competitive pricing for cab booking services across London, as well as other major cities and towns across the UK. This meant the application was continually being developed and scaled to meet the growing demands.

Due to the high-uptime services the company delivered it was imperative that their cloud infrastructure was built securely, with high levels of resilience built in to mitigate any downtime issues which could affect their production services. The peak times across hundreds of cab operators for bookings were evenings, early morning, weekends, as well as seasonal holidays and bank holidays. From their Managed Service Provider (MSP) they required a responsive and agile team of engineers to respond to any issues, which could cause service disruption for the application users and their partners. The company’s development team utilised Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines for their deployments, which required senior DevOps engineers to form part of the managed service offering.


We proposed our Managed Plus Service Plan, which delivered proactive management and monitoring of their large cloud infrastructure environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Managed Plus Plan delivered 24/7 emergency response for issues affecting production services, security patching, server-side configuration management and monitoring, user management and centralised security management.

Key features of the set-up and service:

  • Multiple Availability Zones (AZ’s) for resilience
  • The system was architected to be load balanced; allowing for patching and maintenance to take place without service disruption, as well as automatic failover of services in the event of a VM(s) failure or issue.
  • We supported their CI pipelines, to ensure any issues blocking deployments could be quickly resolved.
  • Proactively monitored and managed server-side resources to ensure continued high-performance of the applications services during updates, deployments and peak usage periods.
  • 24/7 emergency response to ensure any issues out of hours were quickly resolved to stop major business disruption.
  • Continual reviews of the set-up with senior management, to ensure it efficiently scaled as new partners came on board whilst controlling spend.

Client Testimonial

Scholar has a solid team of engineers who maintain our cloud infrastructure environment. It was a seamless transition with Scholar taking over our AWS environment and they brought a senior skill-set to our technical resources. They are a friendly team to deal with; both at account management and technical level, which makes working with them easy and fluid. We look forward to working with Scholar for many more years to come.”

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