Case Study – Hello Brave

The Brief

Leading Magento development agency Hello Brave, appointed Scholar to take over the management of their Cloud Infrastructure environment, which was hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). As one the leading Magento development agencies in the South, Hello Brave develop, host and manage primarily ecommerce websites, for well known brands across the UK. Due to the high-uptime nature of the websites they managed, they required a 24/7 emergency response cloud managed service, coupled with proactive monitoring and management of their cloud infrastructure environment. Historically the agency’s internal development teams were tasked with managing the server-side tasks, which was becoming cumbersome and unproductive.


Hello Brave first appointed Scholar to manage their AWS Cloud hosted infrastructure. The majority of the websites and applications the agency develop are Magento based ecommerce sites. Magento can be resource intensive, so it was important to proactively monitor resources, to ensure performance of all the sites and applications remained high. Having Scholar take over the proactive management of their cloud hosting environment, allowed Brave’s development team to step away from the day-to-day management of the server-side related tasks and focus more on revenue generating development activities.

After managing their AWS cloud hosting services for 6 months, we were able to present a cost saving proposal for migrating the services across to our VMware Cloud platform.

Solutions Overview:

  • The ecommerce websites which the agency managed were uptime critical, so we integrated a number of safe guards into their hosting topology which included loadbalanced, highly available (HA) web and database servers.
  • The Managed Plus Service Plan; which delivered 24/7 emergency response, was transferred over to the new environment, to allow for out of hours emergency response on server-side issues affecting production services.
  • The development environment was set-up in the same configuration, with tiered web and database servers; to mimic production for testing, but without the load balanced feature to save on unnecessary spend.
  • Offsite Scholar Cloud Backup was also enabled to allow for production data to be backed up on a periodic bases, to a geographically separate datacentre facility.

Our technical solutions team managed the entire migration process to provision the new environment, take the client through UAT and testing, DNS management and switch over of the services.

Client Testimonial

“As a specialist Magento development agency, we needed a provider who could support us to manage our cloud infrastructure and free up our technical resources in-house. Scholar has become a valued cloud infrastructure partner and their engineers have become an extension of our in-house development team.”

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