Case Study – Telecoms

The Brief

Scholar was recommended to conduct a technical review of the telecoms company’s AWS Cloud Hosting environment. The company required a technical assessment of their current cloud infrastructure set-up, to explore where they could improve resilience, as well as areas which could be consolidated to save on their monthly cloud infrastructure billing.


Our team worked closely with the client’s internal development and management team, to get a detailed understanding of the services hosted in the AWS environment:

The Highlights:

  • Our technical team conducted a detailed review of the environment; reviewing the network typology, configuration, security and back up strategy of the 40+ VM’s across multiple regions and Availability Zones (AZ’s).
  • From the assessment we delivered a technical ‘health check’ report, which detailed actionable recommendations and insights, for improving the resilience and high availability, improvements to security, best practice user management, increasing performance and better resource utilisation.

Due to the concurrent high-uptime nature of the company’s services, the hosted software had extremely high IOPS activity and disk space usage. Due to the Instance restrictions on AWS, this meant the company had no choice but to regularly upgrade their Instance size, to accommodate their growing disk space requirements. This led to an ever increasing infrastructure spend and an inflated cost model, which would continue to grow.

After delivering the report it was clear that the company would benefit from migrating to a hybrid infrastructure model, to better suit their infrastructure requirements. After consultation with the company’s management team, we were ask to propose a hybrid model, with a migration plan for moving the client to the Scholar network.

Solutions Overview:

  • We proposed physical dedicated servers for their high intensity database workloads, which would allow for them to utilise dedicated hardware to process and manage the scaling and IOPS intensive element of their systems.
  • For their other less IOPS intensive workloads we proposed utilising cloud virtualisation, with tailored VM’s to fit their specific requirements. The fixed instance model on AWS was not the most cost or resource efficient solution, so it was decided that the company would migrate their services to our VMware Cloud platform.
  • The Backup Strategy also needed to be strengthened to allow for the company to restore from backup in the event of an incident. We proposed an offsite backup to two diverse locations; using Veeam Enterprise Snapshot Backups and Agent Based Scholar Cloud Backup.
  • The services were extremely uptime critical, so we integrated a number of safe guards into their hosting topology which included; load balanced and highly available configurations of the VMs, the ability to live migrate VM’s to avoid downtime, as well as 24/7 emergency response for production services.

After extensive testing and UAT a migration plan was agreed with the client, with the migration taking place throughout the night and completing at 7am in the morning. The end result for the client was a successful migration onto a hybrid infrastructure model, coupled with a 30% monthly cost saving on their overall infrastructure spend.

Client Testimonial

“We were referred to Scholar to help with our AWS management costs. It was becoming evident that our spend on AWS was growing month-on-month, so we approached Scholar to do a health check and provide us with recommendations. What we walked away with was a solution which introduced cost savings, coupled with a more resilient infrastructure set-up. It is rare to work with a partner that provides such a high standard of service from day one. Scholar’s Technical Director challenged our way of thinking and put forward solid and well thought through suggestions, on how to strengthen our infrastructure set-up. We look forward to working with Scholar for many more years to come.”

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