Case Study – Telecoms

The Brief

After working with the south’s leading telecoms provider for a number of years, we were asked to provide a Business Continuity Solution, for a handful of their larger clients, who required a Disaster Recover (DR) solution for their business hosted phone systems. The telecoms provider had dedicated equipment hosting VoIP phone systems, hosted in one of our primary datacentre facilities and required a geographically separated datacentre facility to failover to, in the event of an incident.


We proposed the Scholar DRaaS Business Continuity Cloud solution to allow for individual VM’s to failover to a secondary datacentre facility. The DRaaS solution comes with a number of features, which include:

Solutions Overview:

  • Fast and secure failover of business critical workloads; with end-to-end encryption and built in WAN acceleration for faster backups and recovery.
  • Low latency connectivity to ensure performance remained high between both datacentre facilities.
  • Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s) were agreed, to ensure these met the clients and their end clients’ business availability needs.
  • Compute resource is reserved in the secondary location to allow for scheduled replication of the VM’s, to ensure the most recent copies of the virtual servers are replicated and ready in the event of a failover. Whilst at rest the secondary facilities VM’s were kept in a shut-down state to save costs.
  • Virtual machines internal IP addresses and networking are automatically migrated to the secondary DR site, as a part of the failover process.
  • In the event of an incident failover can be initiated as a full and partial site failover. Failover simulation can also be utilised on a one-off or periodic bases for testing.
  • Lastly, the client chose to take a Managed Business Continuity solution, which allows for Scholar engineers to proactively monitor the replications and initiate failover in the event of an incident 24/7.

After utilising the DRaaS service for select few clients, it was decided that the solution would be rolled out to all clients, to take advantage of the DR solution. This offered a value add when selling in their hosted telecoms services and was successfully rolled out earlier this year.

Client Testimonial

“We have worked with Scholar for a number of years and have always been pleased with the level of service they consistently deliver. Telecoms is a competitive market, so it’s important that we can continue to offer clients seamless, stress-free hosted telecoms services. Having Scholar as our Cloud Infrastructure Partner allows for us to confidently expand our hosted services and we look forward to working with Scholar for many more years to come.”

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