Cloud Managed Services Outsourcing Model – why is it so popular?

Outsourcing Cloud Managed Service

When Scholar first established we delivered purely infrastructure only services. We built the Scholar Network with clients requiring dedicated servers, cloud environments and colocation space. In 2016 after getting multiple enquiries for management support for client’s infrastructure, we started to offer a managed services wrap around.

Fast forward to 2018 and our Linux and Cloud Managed Service is one of our fastest growing services, which is predicted to double in 2018. Cloud Managed Services is certainly nothing new, but what was surprising was the rate of growth. But, once you understand the business mechanics which drive these decisions, the benefits are clear.

The cost savings to an organisation for outsourcing their cloud managed services is clear and defined. Hiring a sys admin or a team is far more expensive that appointing an MSP. The added bonus is you also have a team of sys admins, for a fraction of the price for hiring directly. With 24/7 management services, you also don’t have to worry about balancing on-call rota’s with your IT team or juggling holiday requests.

For many organisations server side tasks do not create additional revenue. For development agencies for instance, having your development team having to divide their development time with server-side tasks is counter-productive and unnecessary. Many business owners are now looking at this and seeing clear benefits of outsourcing the day-to-day server-side management tasks, and allowing their development team to focus on the revenue generating tasks which help drive the business forward.

Choosing an MSP can be stressful process, as you are appointing a company to manage one of your key operations. In this instance, you could choose an MSP based on their size as you may see this as a benefit. Interestingly we have seen a shift from defaulting to working with the larger MSP’s, to wanting a more personalised and integrated managed service. Knowing the team that will be working on your systems, who they are, what their skills are, enables a closer working relationship which many businesses are now starting to see the benefits and also the ability to grow with your MSP.

Hopefully the above has given you a quick rundown of the main benefits of outsourcing your Cloud sys admin services. If you have any additional questions, you think we could help with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.