Don’t confuse hosting ‘support’ with a ‘Cloud Managed Service Plan’


The Difference Between Cloud Managed Service and Hosting Support

Written by: Liz Batley, Client Services Director

As we start to round off the year and look back at our achievements of 2019, one topic I felt compelled to highlight is the difference between hosting support and a Cloud Managed Service Plan.

As you review your Cloud Infrastructure Strategy for 2020 make sure you understand the difference between‘support’ and ‘cloud managed service’.

The simple difference between the two is ‘support’ is typically ‘reactive’; requesting security patching, troubleshooting server-side issues or downtime, as they happen etc.

Whereas a comprehensive ‘Cloud Managed Service’ is ‘proactive’; scheduled patching, 24/7 monitoring and management, security management and advice, managed backup, regular reporting etc.

Back in the day

It used to be that in-house developers and IT engineers would manage both the application code, as well as trying to troubleshoot server-side downtime and performance issues.

Over the last five+ years we have seen a shift in business mind-sets and priorities, as many businesses struggle to keep up with the changing technology and the ever increasing cyber security threats.

For many businesses their hosted applications are business critical in some way. If you’re an ecommerce business, downtime can mean lost revenue, both short and long term. If you have an international team who can’t access business files and information, this results in lost productivity and frustrated staff. Let’s not even mention GDPR and data breaches.

Evolving threat landscape

As technology continues to advance the internet has become the next target for attacking businesses and disrupting industries. Cloud infrastructure is a hugely popular way to build out your hosted infrastructure environment, but the need to amplify and strengthen your security protocols and employ proactive security management has never been greater.

This is our bread and butter and starts with the architecture of your cloud environment. We work with clients to design a resilient and secure cloud environment, which reduces the surface attack area and helps protect against malicious attackers accessing your hosted business applications. With cyber-attacks constantly changing and adapting, it is extremely important to work with experts who understand what the latest threats are and give you advice on how to protect your organisation.

When you take a ‘support’ plan you are typically paying for the compute resource and someone to be available, should there be any issues.

A comprehensive Cloud Managed Service will deliver 24/7 monitoring and management, coupled with a skilled team of engineers managing your business infrastructure. Picture a space ship being constantly bombarded with meteor attacks; shields up!

Money well spent

Even with an in-house team of IT technicians an outsourced ‘Cloud Managed Service’ can save you time and money, as well as deliver vital skill sets into your organisations IT team. For many businesses server-side maintenance and reacting to issues saps IT resources and is none revenue generating. Not to mention an uphill struggle to keep your staff skilled up to be able to tackle the ever evolving threat landscape.

Silver Lining

By working with the right Cloud Managed Service business will give you access to a team of professionals who can help you protect and strengthen your cloud infrastructure. My advice is take the time to really understand what the service covers and importantly what it doesn’t.

Where possible try and work from a trusted referral. Over 80% of our new business comes via a referral and is the best way to do business. We don’t spend a lot of budget on our marketing, but we do look after our clients which gives us a far greater ROI.

If you would like to learn more about how a Cloud Managed Service can support your company in 2020, give our team a call on 0845 5272 992 or get in touch.