FREE ‘Security Essentials’ Health Check (Limited Time)

74% of Live Apps are vulnerable to cyber security attacks and malicious activity, with security and data breaches costing businesses £millions every year. Worried about your cloud hosted infrastructure? Why not take advantage of our complimentary ‘Security Essentials’ Health Check, carried out by our in-house security engineers. Supported platforms include AWS and other public cloud providers.

What do I get in my Security Essentials report?

+ Firewall & Security Group Audit
+ Security Patching Audit
+ User Management & Access
+ Availability Strategy
+ Backup & Business Continuity Audit
+ Perimeter Access Audit

You also have the option to bolt-on* additional audits including:

+ Penetration Testing
+ Resource Utilisation
+ Cost Savings Review

How to access offer?
Quote Promo Code: SCHOLAR#1

Offer Expires: January 31st 2020
*Bolt-on costs based on additional requirements.

Find more information on our security services here: Cloud Cyber Security & Penetration Testing