#GEW2017 A Glimpse into Scholar’s Founder & Technical Director

Gavin leads the technical team at Scholar Web Services, which is made up of senior Linux Systems, Networking and DevOps Engineers. Since starting the company, he has been the driving force for the growth and expansion of the VMware Cloud Platform and a pillar of the company’s continual drive, for delivering senior level cloud infrastructure and connectivity solutions.

Scholar's Founder and Technical Director

Gavin Pidgley, Scholar’s Founder & Technical Director

A true techie by heart, Gavin’s meticulous and persistent nature has enabled Scholar to become a trusted cloud services provider to businesses across the south of the UK and London regions.

So, where did it all begin? Computers and technology fitted Gavin’s restless energy for understanding how things worked, but he was a late starter only getting his first PC at the age of thirteen; “My parents couldn’t afford to buy me a computer until I was an early teen, which just made me appreciate it even more when I finally got one of my own” he says.

When he was let loose on his first computer the stage was set. He started building websites as a teenager and quickly progressed to building and hosting his own email system and designing websites for local businesses.

Commenting on his early memories, he says: “As a kid I loved anything I could take apart and rebuild. I just wanted to know how everything worked. When I built websites, I wanted to know how the hosting element worked and that led me onto wondering how the Internet works. For me technology is a never ending learning curve. My first computer was a Amiga 500+, followed by my first PC when I was an early teen. I love new and emerging technology, but I still have an appreciation for the fundamentals, which I think is so important even today.”

Liz Batley, Scholar’s Client Services Director comments: “I have never met anyone with his persistence and relentless drive to getting to the root of any issue. If the rare occasion arises and he doesn’t know how to fix something, he won’t stop until he finds the solution. Gavin is a steady and influential Technical Director, mentor and leader. He’s quiet and reserved in character, but an absolute heavy weight technologist. Even as the company expands, I don’t think Gavin will ever be far from the operations team at Scholar.”

Many books have been written about what makes a successful entrepreneur. The characteristics which seem constant across all the well-known entrepreneurs; Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk et al, is challenging the status quo and unwavering persistence. To all the entrepreneurs to come – Never stop being curious, never stop asking questions and never stop challenging yourself and the people around you to do better #GEW2017