Scholar Lock Down Round-Up

In March when many businesses were being forced to shut their doors, pivot their business delivery models and the world went into lockdown, our team got to work on provisioning core cloud infrastructure for key e-health providers.

The lockdown has tested so many areas of business; from mobilising remote working, whilst being able to continue to deliver services in the new locked-down world of Covid-19. Cloud has and continues to be a growing market, but it has never been more relevant and key to business operations than in today’s ‘new world’.

Over the last few months, we have worked with some key healthcare providers who were providing Covid-19 response services to the frontline. This meant quick turnarounds and tight deadlines to ensure their services were ready when the time came to mobilise.

For one client we planned out their cloud infrastructure architecture to span two geographically independent datacentre locations, coupled with a load-balanced configuration to ensure the highest possible uptime of their core services. The project included a large migration of data from another cloud provider which was meticulously planned and coordinated with their internal teams.

Another provider required HSCN connectivity to be able to connect into the NHS Network, coupled with a resilient single site infrastructure set-up for their overseas team to connect into.

It’s certainly been a busy and testing few months for everyone. Our team are very proud to be working with key healthcare providers, supporting the Covid-19 crisis and it has allowed our team to feel included in the country’s fight to keep businesses moving and provide core support services to healthcare providers.

healthcare cloud servicesThe lockdown has tested and impacted all of our team personally and we have strived to remain focused on continuing to provide uninterrupted service to our clients. Our phones were diverted to home offices, our services were already cloud-based and our team were fully supported by management to make sure they felt confident and comfortable to continue to strive in their roles.

As we start to enter the next stage of the lockdown and restrictions start to ease, we hope it provides businesses with the relief they need. As a country we are certainly not ‘out of the woods’ but with our entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with our British resolve we’ll get through this and come out stronger in the long run.

If you’re a business struggling with spiralling cloud infrastructure costs or poor service, give our team a call on 0845 5272 992. We’d value the opportunity to see how we can support your business.