Volta London Datacentre Spotlight

For businesses requiring a pay-as-you-grow colocation model, Volta is a great Central London datacentre colocation facility, discretely sitting in the heart of London (Zone 1). We’re able to offer competitive rack and connectivity options from this facility, with low power commits starting as low as 2A, for a full rack footprint, with low latency connectivity.

The facility is very popular with financial, media and content businesses, requiring low latency connectivity, with a lower power entry cost. Full details on the facility and services can be found here: Volta Central London Datacentres. To book a datacentre site tour, please contact Liz Batley, Client Services Director, by emailing sale@scholarwebservices.com or fill in a contact form for a member of our team to contact you to arrange a visit.

For clients requiring a management wrap around, our team delivers a consultation and planning services, coupled with a large portfolio of colocation, dedicated, cloud and hybrid options for clients to choose from. Our portfolio of diverse datacentre facilities allows our clients to take advantage of multi-site solutions for their business critical services and applications; which is complimented by our in-house technical consultancy and Managed Services.

If you’d like to learn more about our colocation facilities and options on multi-site solutions, contact our team today to discuss your requirements sales@scholarwebservices.com.