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VMware Cloud Virtual Datacentre

Monitored 24/7 by our dedicated network and systems team

Scholar’s VMware Cloud Platform is a cloud infrastructure solution that makes use of VMware’s industry leading virtualisation, storage and software defined networking (SDN) features. The infrastructure is fully redundant from compute, networking through to the storage layer, with no single point of failure in the hardware stack.

Coupled with the built in as standard features of VMware HA, the environment provides a robust and resilient solution that protects against hardware failure and automates recovery of virtualised workloads. The solution is fully scalable and provides tenant network isolation and security as standard.

VMware Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Resilient Hardware Stack

Fully Redundant Compute & Networking with no single point of failure in the hardware stack.

Multiple Geo Availability

Geographically separate your workloads for redundancy, cross site load balancing and active-active failover for business continuity.

Scholar Watch

Scholar Watch monitors memory, disk space, CPU usage, database queries and app specific metrics and endpoints.

Cloud Managed Services

All our Managed Service plans include proactive patching, user and security management, managed backups and 24/7 monitoring.

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What else?…

Utilising our privately owned UK Network we’re able to provide network interconnects and SDN virtual wires to seamlessly connect your workloads between multiple locations. Also, as our datacentre facilities are carrier neutral, we can provide direct circuits to other providers and span leased lines from on-premise into the cloud infrastructure – delivering a comprehensive Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for your business.

Software Defined Networking and Security Platform

Utilising NSX enables the creation of entire networks in software and embeds them in the hypervisor layer, abstracted from the underlying physical hardware.

Scalable Resource Management

Create bespoke specifications and sizing according to your requirements, and scale your environment as your business grows.

VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Hyper-converged infrastructure enables you to evolve without risk, reduce TCO, and scale for tomorrow.

Achieve Zero Downtime

Live migrate client servers for hardware maintenance, upgrades and firmware updates without downtime.

Feature details…

+ Networking

Utilising VMware NSX, VMware’s industry leading SDN technology our platform is able to offer granular micro-segmentation of tenant networking. At the network edge, firewalling, NAT, load-balancing and dynamic routing forms the foundation of our software defined data centre. VPN (IPsec and SSL VPN) are also possible to provide site-to-site network tunnels or secure remote user dial-in. All of these features are included at no extra cost.

+ Zero Downtime

In addition to fail-over and automatic recovery of virtualised workloads, we are also able to live migrate client servers when hardware maintenance, upgrades or firmware updates are required, maximising uptimes and service availability. In certain scenarios, we are also able to live migrate servers between datacentres

+ Performance

The environment makes use of the latest Dell PowerEdge servers and storage arrays combined with SSD caching for high performance. Cloud workloads are dynamically load-balanced across clusters automatically to ensure equal utilisation of underlying hardware resources. When taken with a DevOps managed services from Scholar, automated deployment and auto-scaling is also possible.

+ Resource Utilisation

Due to how some cloud platforms specify fixed instance sizes for vCPU, memory and disk space, this can lead to resource wastage and under-utilisation. Scholar’s Cloud platform allows for bespoke specification and sizing, allowing each server to be sized according to the requirement, without resource wastage or incurring unnecessary cost. Hot-adding of vCPU and memory is also possible.

Other Services Available

+ Cloud Managed Services

Service Provisioning & Setup
Configuration & Implementation of Infrastructure
Pro-active Monitoring & Management
Security Advice & Design Guidance

+ Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated Hardware
99.9% network uptime guarantee
Windows, Linux or BSD servers
UK based expert support 24/7/365

+ Business Continuity

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery
DR Recovery Time (RTPOs) < 15 minutes
Full & partial failback to restore business operations
End-to-end encryption of all data at source

+ Linux Managed Services

Linux Systems Administration
Configuration & Deployment
Complex Cluster Management
Security Management & Advice